Playful Baby Goats Find A Fun Toy In The Farmyard

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Published: October 13, 2017Updated: October 18, 2017

Millie and Mocha are one-week-old baby goats who romp and play at Hamish's Farm in Indian River, Ontario. Their mother, Hazel, keeps a close eye on them as they climb, run and jump in the farmyard. Mocha has discovered a mesh bag that hangs near the shelter on which they love to climb. It holds fresh green hay that the young sisters love to nibble. The bag makes getting at the treat a challenge and it provides stimulation and entertainment for them. These two adorable goats enjoy nibbling at the hay and climbing on each other in between bites. The pair are high energy and full of mischief.

They will thrive and grow quickly, but for now they look as cute and fluffy as plush toys.

Hamish's farm is home to goats, pigs, sheep, horses, cows and even a hilarious cockatoo named Syd. After the house and the barn were lost in a fire last fall, Hamish and Gertrud have rebuilt and the animals are thriving. New babies are being born and the farm is returning to normal.

These goats, along with the other animals are loved and treated more like family than farm animals. They follow Hamish and Getrud around, looking for affection as well as food.

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