Hidden Camera Captures Two Bulldogs Interacting With TV Program

Published October 12, 2017 21,705 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesElvis and Khaleesi are two spoiled rotten English Bulldog siblings from the same litter and have completely opposite personalities! Amongst other things they love TV so much that their owners always leave it on for them!

On this particular day, "Mom" set up a hidden camera in the living room to see what these two would be up to while she was at work.

As usual she left the TV turned on for them, but that was a big mistake. Little did she know that this movie would be showing and make her canines upset. These two are hilarious and their reaction will certainly make you smile!

In this adorable and hilarious video these two Bulldogs watch TV, on sits on the couch the other is in front of the TV. Suddenly they spot a kitty playing with paper on the big screen and immediately start barking at it.

As they start barking, dog appears on the screen and upsets them even more. No the bulldog in front, raises its feet to get closer to the TV and reacts with the entire body, ready to attack.

They continued to watch the TV with closer attention. The cat is running away and the dog on screen is chasing her, so one of the bulldogs gets natural instinct to go after them, it is so adorable.

Needless to say Elvis and Khaleesi will be listening to the radio from now on!