Sovereign Vibes | Perseus of Argos Afterparty Remix No. 1

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5 months ago

All presumption of absolute power is a figment of our imagination. Indie beats to raise your sovereign vibes while we work on Episode 3 podcast.

Afterparty Notes:
• Wizard of Oz — spliced + diced by Perseus of Argos
• Aaron Sprinkle's “INVINCIBLE” (2017)*
• Quote by Justice William Douglas — ruling in landmark case of Lewis Colten, Appellant, versus Commonwealth of Kentucky

Inspired by Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1776). Paine became a Bernie Bro towards the end of his life but we won't hold it against him given his contributions to the War of Independence. Read Common Sense online:

Mixed footage and lyrics do not reflect the views of Aaron Sprinkle nor infer the artists endorsement of Indie R. Soundtrack purchased from Amazon and subscription to Soundstripe. This video is strictly for educational purposes and has no commercial application for Indie R.

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• “Invincible” available on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes — Search terms [Aaron Sprinkle invincible]

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