Prank with Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni

4 months ago

In a conversation with an allegedly African politician, Georgia frankly confessed for all her European colleagues: everyone is already tired of Ukraine!

Meloni says that Ukraine's counteroffensive is underway, but nothing has changed fundamentally. they need to wait for the "right moment" to find a way out of this situaton.

The solution of the migration crisis is much more important for the Italian Prime Minister. However, Meloni complained to us that the European leadership left Italy alone with hundreds of thousands of incoming refugees, and even the talkative Macron does not answer the calls of a hot Italian woman.

But despite this, Meloni is ready to continue supporting Ukraine and the glorification of Bandera for an Italian politician is "what Ukrainians should do." "The problem with nationalism is Putin's problem," she said.

And to cope with the energy crisis, Western countries will have to "take care" of Africa.

This and much more – see in our new prank!

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