Workers Rescue A Dog Stuck In Drain Pipe

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Published: October 11, 2017

A puppy who got in well over his head in a drainpipe in Taio, Brasil was lucky to have some animal lovers nearby who literally moved earth to rescue him from terrible imminent faith.

Not much is known about how the dog got there or how the men found out that an unfortunate animal desperately needed their help, but that is not what matter here. What matter is that the workers dug through the ground, broke a hole into the rainwater drainage pipe and helped the hapless animal see the light of day again!

We couldn’t make up our minds about who is happier about the rescue - the pup finally breathing some fresh air, or the man that finally pulled him out! The dog seems unable to believe its poor eyes that he is finally free of that horrible dark and narrow prison he was in, while the human can’t stop smiling and hugging the animal.

In the end, all is well that ends well.

This isn’t the only pooch that had to be rescued from a pipe in Brazil! A one-month-old pug puppy was saved in a two-hour operation by Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards after it got stuck <a href="" target="_blank">stuck in a water pipe</a> for six hours in a property in Guaíra, in southeast Brazil.

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