Season:1 [2017] (Bonus Video) / Ending Credits Black Ops 2

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Rumble Jack in’ For OSTs Season.1 Bonus (Video Link Below)

Ok So I Will Be Doing More Seasons Soon I Just Need Some Time To Take Care Of Life Stuff You Can Reach Me On My Socials Listed Below Send Me A Dm or Private Message If You Go To The Written Review Section On My Website You Can Buy The Games I Wrote About Through My eBay Links For Cheap!!

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Songs & Links Below

(ep.1) OST/ Song Info: Resident Evil Afterlife" The Outsider" By A Perfect Circle (Renholder Apocalypse Mix)

(ep.2) OST/ Song Info: "Setting Sun (Instrumental)" By The Chemical Brothers

(ep.3) OST/ Song Info: Hitman Contracts" SWAT Team" By Jesper Kyd

(ep.4) OST/ Song Info: Resident Evil 4" The Mercenaries - Wesker " By
Misao Senbongi and Shusaku Uchiyama

(ep.5) OST/ Song Info: Matrix Revolution" Dread Rock " By Paul Oakenfold

(ep.6) OST/ Song Info: Hitman Contracts" Hong Kong Underground" By Jesper Kyd

(ep.7) OST/ Song Info: Max Payne 3" THE GIRL " By HEALTH

(ep.8) OST/ Song Info: Resident Evil Movie" Revealing The Hive" By Marco Beltrami

(ep.9) OST/ Song Info: The Getaway " Yardies' Meeting in St Saviour's Dock " By Andrew Hale & Shawn Lee

(ep.10) OST/ Song Info: Devil May Cry 3 " Suffer " By Shawn "Shootie HG" McPherson

_This Video_ OST/ Song Info: Hitman Contracts"Streets Of Hong Kong" By Jesper Kyd (one of my favorites)

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((((Bonus Video Here))))


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