Chicken Goes Bobbing For Apples In Anticipation Of Halloween

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Published: October 10, 2017

When this video was originally posted on Ashley Farm Shop’s Facebook page, someone commented “If you see leaping chickens, they're up to no good!!” and we think we can clearly see why! September wasn’t quite over yet, but this chicken couldn’t wait for Halloween so that she can go bobbing for apples!

Shot in Ashley Farm Shop’s yard in Harborough, England, they noticed that one of their chickens is behaving like she wants to take off flying any time now. Silly bird, doesn’t she know that chickens can’t fly?

But upon closer inspection, it seems that this babe isn’t going so much for the heavens, as she likes to peck on some fruity refreshment! Standing under a small apple tree, Mrs. Peck has her eyes set on one lower hanging fruit and she gives her every best shot at reaching that apple! Needless to say her attempts are nothing short of hilarious, but far from unusual.

Domesticated chickens need quite a varied diet, laying hens especially. A chicken will never shy away from delicious treats such as corn, bananas, tomatoes, or leafy greens. They might look silly, but chickens know exactly what they want and where to find it. Other chicken owners have seen their precious birds peck on blueberries, cherries, even cabbages from their gardens!

Nothing will stop a chicken from getting her daily dose of vitamins!

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