Baby Girl Takes Phone Calling To A Whole Other Level

Published October 10, 2017 44,670 Plays $143.79 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt’s really hard being this little girl. She’s had a rough day answering the calls from her fans, and she has had enough.

Baby girl Jaylee is left with a tough decision, succumb to the sleep that’s threatening to take her over, or answer this one last phone call. Being so indecisive, she decided to multitask just one last time before going to sleep.

Answering the ringing with a sour look on her face, she listens to what the caller has to say on the other side. It looks like the lady has quite a speech prepared and little Jaylee isn’t willing to listen through it. She tries to hang up, but it looks like the lady isn’t giving up. She tries her luck a second time, but she is so tired, she can’t even manage to drop the phone in it’s cradle.

Given that she has given up on trying to stop the talk with the lady, she decides to throw caution to the wind and throw her phone on the floor. She doesn’t care if it gets broken, it just needs to stop ringing and let her go to sleep. Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Let Jaylee sleep!


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