Newfie Dog Won't Stop Licking His Tiny Owner's Feet

Published October 10, 2017 25,541 Views $13.51 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you're from Canada, than you must know that the most iconic dog breed is the fluffiest, kindest and sweetest Newfoundland. These huge cutie pies are actually very agile swimmers, and therefore it's not uncommon to read or hear about a Newfoundland dog saving a drowning person. With the help of their webbed feet, they can easily maneuver through water.

And what makes them so popular as pets? They are the most loyal dogs, don't have a temper (in the worst case scenario, they can sometimes be mad at you, but that usually goes away after a few minutes), but they are also very smart and don't get us started on the level of cuddliness - who can resist snuggling up to a gentle giant with the softest fur?

Like any other dog, Nefwies are know to quickly acknowledge guilt for chewing a toy they weren't supposed to, or even eating something that they shouldn't have. They are great with babies, which we can clearly see in this video - they are very protective and playful, which is the perfect combination! The Newfie in this video is called Ralphie, and he simply loves to lick his tiny owner's feet! She does not seem to appreciate this very much, because it tickles, but Ralphie is persistent to get her tiny feet as clean as possible!

They look like an incredible duo and we are sure that they are going to have a long and beautiful friendship. The furry beast and the gentle princess.