Mini Pig Can't Escape Bath Time Fast Enough

pigpenhillminipigsPublished: October 10, 2017Updated: October 18, 201785,070 views
Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 18, 2017

For most of us bath time is one of the things we look forward to after a long day. We just love the calm trickling of water on our skin and the fresh scent of our favorite shampoo. To sum it up, baths are the things that revive us after working away our days.

This piggy however at first struggles with the term "bath" all together. To say that he is hesitant to step inside the kitchen sink would be an understatement. The mini pig is so afraid of the water, you might think that he is screaming murder. The owner has a tough time lowering him inside the water, but eventually, as he does, the pig is inside and appears to be calm.

But we shouldn’t be so relaxed because little piggy isn’t giving up. It starts to push at anything and everything just to get out, and he isn’t even wet. The squeals are so terrifying, you might really start to wonder about the wellbeing of the lad. However, after a while, its owner's persistence eventually pays off though as the piggy starts to let loose and enjoys it. Who doesn’t love feeling clean? Bath time for piggy, it is!

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