Newly Adopted Girl Can't Wait To Meet New Brother

OneLessOrphanPublished: October 10, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017397,122 views
Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017

With so many unfortunate children roaming the streets of this Earth without parental care and love or proper care, kind people have established organizations and foundations that can bring these children to safety and into good, loving homes. One such organization is One Less Orphan, that helped a 22-month-old girl from India find a loving and caring family in the United States!

JoDawn Miller and her husband are good Christian people who already have three children of their own, but they wanted to bring little more happiness in the world by adopting a child. After an agonizing search, their path crossed with a little girl from India. The family fell in love with this beautiful girl and decided that this is the child that that have been missing. They named her Eden.

Three weeks after the Millers brought Eden to their home, the little girl couldn’t wait to meet her older siblings. In this adorable video, Eden, dressed in an adorable pink elephant onesie, tries to repeat her siblings’ names.

JoDawn tells her to say “Isaac’, to which the girl repeats something faintly resembling the name, but she is still given loads of encouragement, bringing a huge grin to Eden’s face! She is so adorable!

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