Golden Retriever Having Her First Litter Of Puppies Demonstrates The Miracle Of Birth

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Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 23, 2017

Oakley is a gorgeous Golden Retriever with a gentle and loving disposition. Two months ago she spent the afternoon with a dark red Golden Retriever named Kevin. Their romance resulted in Oakley being pregnant with her first <a href="" target="_blank">litter of puppies</a>. She's about to give birth to six boys and three girls.

Oakley works hard to deliver her young and she immediately begins the job of cleaning and feeding her family. She instinctively knows to thoroughly clean each puppy and lick them until they clean and dry. This will help stimulate them to breath, move and nurse. Each pup quickly does what she expects and they squirm and explore, seeking milk and warmth from Oakley within minutes of their arrival. They are all robust and strong puppies with a healthy appetite already.

The young <a href="" target="_blank">mother</a> also instinctively disposes of any afterbirth. In the wild, this is a very necessary precaution to prevent predators from being attracted by the smell of prey. The faster an animal can get her young nursing, the faster they will be strong enough for survival.

She is very fortunate. Her litter are all healthy, robust puppies with big appetites. She will have her work cut out for her in the coming weeks.

Oakley may be new to delivering puppies, but she is lucky to be assisted by Christine, an experienced breeder who knows exactly how to reassure and comfort Oakley throughout the birth.

The mother is extremely trusting and has no concerns when Christine briefly removes each newborn puppy for a quick inspection and cleaning before returning them promptly to her. And Kevin, the proud father, watched from the other room with occasional noises of encouragement for Oakley. He will be a very involved father in the coming weeks.

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