Check Out This Amazing Drone Footage Of Two Massive Whales Roaming Ocean Waters

Published October 9, 2017 14,372 Plays $18.21 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeThis video proves in great measure the wonders of the sea. Take a look as these two great whales make their way on a surface of not more that 400 meters from shore line and catch the view of this drone camera. They are glorious creatures indeed!

This stunning video shows two Humpback whales cruising around the Hawaiian coast. The footage was shot off the islands of Kauai and the Big Island over the course of three months using an aerial drone.

Many whales, especially baleen whales, tend to migrate long distances from their cold-water feeding grounds to warm-water breeding grounds each year. They travel alone or in groups, or pods, on their annual migrations. Toothed whales often hunt in groups, migrate together and share young-rearing duties.

It’s difficult to grasp a sense of perspective against the deep blue Pacific ocean, but these humpback whales are definitely huge creatures. When fully grown, they can be up to 19 meters (62.5 feet) long and weigh over 36 tonnes (40 tons).

Although they can be found roaming throughout most of the world’s seas, they tend to migrate to tropical waters during the winter.

"The hardest part about filming whales is finding them. They often just come up for air and dive down," Jordan, 24, told IFLScience. "They are pretty easy to spot when they come up for air. If you look out at the water for a half hour you will probably spot one."

What a spectacular view to see these whales splashing their fins into the ocean and certainly having a great time!