Baby Laughs At Mommy Hitting Daddy

Published October 9, 2017 13,855 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsParents often come up with new tricks to entertain their baby. They crawl on the floor, they make strange noises, they make funny body movements, but these two took parenting to the next level.
Watch how baby Bruce is amazed by the method mommy gives daddy for being a naughty boy! She slaps him with the notebook and the baby starts laughing out loud.

Of course, after knowing that this innocent act of violence made their baby laugh so adorably, they repeated the hitting act a couple of dozen times at least!
Baby Bruce may be laughing now because he doesn't understand a thing about hitting and slapping, but he might pick up this bad habit and go on slapping people when he grows up, only because he witnessed it at very young age and though it was very amusing and worth laughing about.
Parents should be very careful and seriously think about the things they do in front of their children. Baby's brain is like a little sponge, he does what he sees.

This may be Bryce's first belly laugh and apparently he likes seeing his dad get hurt. It is very adorable to hear him laugh he will instantly make you laugh as well.
However, these parents should change their ways of entertaining their baby, because who laughs last, laughs best!