Betsy Palmer talks Friday The 13th, Bell Witch and Her Life

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For the first time, Betsy Palmer does a sit down interview - just her and the camera. During this conversation, she talks about her roles on Broadway, tv and movies and candidly discusses life during this once in a lifetime interview.
A note from the director:
After becoming friends with Betsy Palmer, I had the privilege of hearing many of her fascinating stories about Hollywood, her career and her life. I thought that many people might never have the opportunity to spend time with her in conversation.
So I invited Betsy to do a simple interview that is as close to an actual conversation as I could possibly make it. I used no music, very little camera movements and as few edits as possible in hopes that everyone could experience Betsy Palmer as though chatting with her over a cup of coffee.
After shooting this Interview she Passed so this makes it her last show, I shot another show the day before with 5 cameras and a host but it didn't feel right so I asked her if she would come back to the studio one more time just her and I and this is the magic we captured.
She later said she to me after she watched it that she was more proud of this show that anything else she had done, I captured her life story..
-Shane Marr, Director

About the Film Bell Witch The Movie
BELL WITCH is a Tennessee legend about a historic haunting in Adams, Tennessee just north of Nashville.
In the early 1800s, John Bell moved to Tennessee to start a new life. But as fate would have it all he found was terror. In 1820 he became the first person to be murdered by a spirit, calling herself Kate. In 1828 she promised to return in 107 years.
She is way overdue...
Based on true events.
A love story turns tragic when entangled with a legendary haunting in BELL WITCH: The Movie. After stumbling across an ancient burial (in what is now known as the Bell Witch cave), brothers John Jr. (Jeff Kunard) and Williams Bell (Cody Newton) bring a strange curse home to their family. Now their father, John (John David Hart), and sister, Betsy (Hope Banks), experience phantom attacks in the night and strange visions during the day. It is the Bell Witch. Nothing enrages her more than Betsy's relationship with her loving fiance, Joshua Gardner (Todd Geren). Their only hope of escaping is death...and the Bell Witch is more than happy to help. Betsy Palmer (Friday the 13th) serves as the voice of the Bell Witch.
Bell Witch Movie Closely follows the historically documented legend of The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee, BELL WITCH combines a chilling soundtrack of original and traditional Bluegrass and Americana songs with sweeping, scenic images to create an eerie backdrop for this 200 year-old legend.

The motion picture is described as a love story turned tragic when entangled with the legendary haunting of the Bell Witch. After stumbling across an ancient burial (in what is now known as the Bell Witch cave), brothers John Jr. and Williams Bell bring a strange curse home to their family causing their father, John, and sister, Betsy, to experience phantom attacks in the night and strange visions in the day. Nothing enrages the spirit of the Bell Witch more than Betsy’s relationship with her loving fiancé, Joshua Gardner. Their only hope of escaping the witch’s torment is death…a fate the Bell Witch is more than happy to deliver.

“With a proliferation of ‘slasher’ films filled with sex, violence and vulgar language, it’s becoming harder than ever to find movies that are appropriate for families while still providing suspense and fright,” says Director / Producer S. Shane Marr. “We wanted to make a movie that told the terrifying and true story of The Bell Witch and that stayed appropriate for the widest variety of viewers.”

As with any motion picture, parents should review BELL WITCH: The Movie before allowing their children to watch so that they may decide what is most appropriate.

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