Tuxedo Cat Is On His Way To Becoming A Professional Skateboarder

TrixieMiffyPublished: October 8, 2017Updated: October 12, 20171,933 views
Published: October 8, 2017Updated: October 12, 2017

Let’s face it, cats are magnificent creatures. They might come as broody and extremely egocentric, but at the bottom of every kitten’s soul lies a talented and extremely intelligent individual. Take this Tuxedo cat for example.

Trixie might seem like he is very uninterested, but his aloof behaviour makes him the perfect skateboarding cat. He skates on that board with passion, although it is not very noticeable. This guy can even perform tricks, but you are not worthy of seeing them just yet, you are going to have to wait for a few more episodes for that. And that is precisely what makes him a star.

This kitty is very special, don’t let his cute face fool you. Although he adores the cuddles his owner gives him and the attention from all of the lady kittens, Trixie’s true passion is skateboarding. He’s also good at Math, seen by his ability to measure the velocity and the friction needed to perform his skateboard tricks. His owner doesn’t forget to reward him for his intelligence daily, by giving him tasty treats and kisses. In fact, his owner is his most humble fan, following him everywhere on his kitten adventures. It’s a hard life being a cat pro skateboarder.

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