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8 months ago

Save the Children
Friday, October 27, 2023
6:30 PM PT - 8:30 PM PT
Club West Clubhouse
16414 S. 14th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85045
Patty Porter
We are excited share the speakers for our Rescuing Children Event this evening. Lea Benson, CEO; CeCe's Hope Center Sheri Lopez - Victim and Author of "Pearl at the Mailbox" We will be collecting items for Cece's Hope Center. Items needed: household cleaning supplies. You may go to their website for a complete list.
Signs that children and teenagers are being groomed.
Many of the signs of grooming can look like normal peer t0 peer or adult‐child relationships, which is why grooming is difficult to spot. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s important to trust your instincts, watch for signs and keep an eye on your child’s behavior.
The following signs might indicate that your child is being groomed.
talks a lot about a particular adult or older teen.
wants to spend a lot of time with a new person in their circle of friends and won't let you meet them.
starts a relationship with an older person.
is skipping school or sporting activities.
is spending less time with current friends or changing friendship groups suddenly.
spends more time alone in their room.
closes down their computer, or apps when you enter the room.
has unexplained gifts like clothes, jewelry or electronics and doesn’t want to talk about where the gifts came from
doesn’t want to talk about what they’ve been doing or lies about it.
stops telling you about their day or asking for your advice.
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