Sweet Foster Kitten Showers Dalmatian Dog With Kisses

Published October 6, 2017 8,516 Views $32.80 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSometimes, cats and dogs can be friends. In fact, they can be best friends indeed and enjoy their nap time together in the coziness of their shared mattress. These little kittens have tucked in so closely to the Dalmatians and enjoy their afternoon purr lying next to their cute, dotted friends.

The handsome trio of Dalmatians that are Louie, Lady and Zoey have had the ultimate pleasure to act as foster siblings to a litter of kitten that their humans took from a local shelter. The kittens needed some tender love and care from good people, but the love and affection that these tiny furballs got to experience from these spotted hounds is far too much to bear!

Zoey, the youngest, 5-month-old pup in the family became quite famous recently, when she imprinted on Calypso, one of the kittens they were fostering, and tried to teach her how to play like dog!

Even though so incredibly young, it seems these kitties know exactly how lucky they are to be in this huge family, so one of them has been caught showering Louie the Dalmatian with kitty kisses! Awww!

These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around.