Guilty Husky Creates A Mess, Still Tries To Plead Innocence

Published October 6, 2017 6,559 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesImagine having to come home, hoping for a quiet and relaxed evening, only to find a mess where the trash used to be and the culprit in nowhere to be found! If you look closely enough, you will probably find him under a chair or behind some other piece of furniture, cowering down and hoping you will not be mad. But not this guy!

When this a href="" target="_blank">guilty Husky</a> gets confronted by his owner for ripping apart the trash bags and making a huge mess in the living room, he will not admit the blame for the world! In fact, he refuses it was him in the first place, but the pup’s body language says otherwise.

His owner films him sitting across from her in the room, ears plastered to his head and every time she calls him to her side, the dog turns his head sideways and howls in protest, completely avoiding eye contact.

When she asks him what did he do, he gets even more vocal in his defense. We can only imagine what is going on in his mind, pleading his innocence!

Even at one point, it seems that when she says “This is naughty! You are naughty!” the dog turns human for a split second and hoots something along the lines of “I’m not naughty!” It is right at the end of the video, go check it out!

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