Baby Welcomes Dad Home With Hysterical Giggles

BilalSaddikPublished: October 6, 2017Updated: October 24, 20172,807 views
Published: October 6, 2017Updated: October 24, 2017

Babies may be clueless as to what is going on in the great, big world, but they do know that when a parent leaves the home, the emptiness weighs heavy. They might ask or simply wonder where the other parent went, looking at doors or chairs and ask silent questions.

But when the family is complete again, that is when the party can truly begin! When this baby girl’s dad came back from work that day, she couldn’t stop giggling at him! She even went full on hysterical, watching him by the door!

So, the dad wanted to see if she will be less hysterical when he closes the door in front of him and opens it again...nope, baby girl went hysterical again...and a third time...and again… It is like a peek-a-boo game on a very large scale. She loves seeing her dad for the first time over and over again! The best harmless fun in the world.

When they do begin understanding that their parent is leaving them, even if it is for a few hours of the day, little kids are prepared to take some pretty drastic measures to make sure they are never without them again! One little girl simply refuses to <a href="" target="_blank">let her dad walk out the door to work</a>, so she just blocks the door. When that didn’t help, she clung to his leg, hoping it will break his heart enough to change his mind. Poor kid..

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