Dakota Cowboy-10.29.2023

5 months ago

On the next Dakota Cowboy presented by Dakota Community Bank and Trust, the Mandan Horse & Saddle Club is a youth organization that promotes rodeo and many events. Meet up with some contestants that were participating in one of their summer rodeos at the new Dale Pahlke Arena.

In the next segment of Dakota Cowboy featuring BEK Board Director Sanford Williams, he highlights the importance of National Cooperative Month for recognizing the need to provide advanced technology and services to rural cooperatives, on par with or better than urban areas. Williams underscores the significance of equal connectivity infrastructure in small rural communities, essential for business and community connections akin to larger cities.

Williams proudly traces BEK's history, originating as a telephone company stringing wires more than seven decades ago, with his father being one of the initial BEK Communications members. Today, BEK offers cutting-edge fiber broadband internet, a far cry from its cable-stringing beginnings.

Williams attributes BEK's success to member-owners, emphasizing their influence on cooperative operations—a 71-year tradition. He discusses the addition of District 5, the first since 1996, inviting new members to join and sharing profits generated with members' input.

He encourages interested individuals to become members by following provided instructions, which include completing a Cooperative Membership Form and receiving a free t-shirt. Williams emphasizes cooperatives' vital role as lifelines for small communities and urges new members to actively engage with the Board of Directors regarding comments, ideas, and concerns. He invites people to join the cooperative, contributing to its growth and success.


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