Check Out This Surreal Giant Octopus Kites Exhibition

rumblestaffPublished: October 5, 201753 views
Published: October 5, 2017

This video has to be what nightmares are made of. As cool as they are, we wouldn’t want to be surprised with these giant octopus kites flying around in the sky.

These octopus kites are made by Mascotte Kite Team, a group of kite enthusiasts hailing from the Netherlands. They have been active in the kite world for over fifteen years. They make kites for exhibitions but they also make kites for sport championships. In the past they have won many awards, including the Eurocup, the Dutch Championships and the Olympic Worldcup multiple times.

Their other passion is making kites for show. Many of their oeuvres d’art end up moving and dancing to music on festivals, as well as covering the sky with giant forms like these giant octopus kites. One of their most famous kite is the whale kite which is so big, it actually measures a real life whale. They think that this is great because people no longer need to guess the dimensions of whales, they can actually see it with their own eyes. Currently they have the largest collection of show kites in the Benelux area varying from Disney characters to scary looking monsters, wildlife creatures and fairy-like kites.

You can find them on their Facebook page.

Credit to 'Mascotte Kite Team'.

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