NFL Player Belittles A Female Reporter Asking About Wide Receiver Routes

TheFumblePublished: October 5, 201767 views
Published: October 5, 2017

On Wednesday, a female Panthers beat reporter for The Charlotte Observer, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked Cam Newton a completely reasonable question about Devin Funchess' physical style of running routes. People were shocked when the QB responded with, what can only be construed as, a sexist response.

The video shows a smiling Cam Newton standing in front of the microphones waiting for the reporter to ask the question, and later smirking when she does so. His reaction clearly shows that he doesn’t expect a female to know this jargon.

Following the interview, the reporter took to Twitter to say that it is not funny to talk about routes, it’s her job. When she got confronted because she didn’t take this to Mr. Newton after the interview, she replied that she did in fact speak to him again, and his reaction was worse, but she chose not to share it because she had work to do. Support and more confrontation came from other NFL colleagues varying from not being tough enough to endure such comments to praising Rodrigue and saying that she probably knows more about routes than men because she is a female and it is her job to know so.

What’s your take on this incident? Do you think that Cam Newton should have chosen his words wisely, or do you think this whole thing is blown out of proportion?

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