Teen Turns His Passion For Sneakers Into Profit

ZoominTVLifestylePublished: October 5, 2017
Published: October 5, 2017

David Crane is a 19-year-old from Brooklyn, New York who buys and sells sneakers. Meet a real teenage sneaker flipper.

Any sneakerheads out there? We are sure there are! Nothing like getting a new pair of shoes or having the newest styles on your feet. This video is all about a young man and his passion for sneakers and how he makes money with sneakers. If you have knowledge about sneakers then you must know about how viable the sneaker resale market is. Since sneakers come out in waves and only come out with a limited number getting these popular shoes can be quite the task. If you are lucky enough to be one of the few to get a pair, maybe you will shelf them for your collection, maybe you’ll wear them out in public to show off your new kicks, or maybe you will flip them for double the money. Some shoes you might even have to join a raffle to have the opportunity to even buy a pair! That is how popular sneakers are right now!

Take, for instance, David Crane, a 19-year-old from Brooklyn, New York. David is a sneakerhead who loves making money off his sneakers. He is a big-time sneaker lover and walks us through his hustle. His love for shoes started when he was 13-years-old and he was given a pair of Jordans by his cousin. Ever since then he has been a fan of shoes and been enamored with sneakers. He says that he usually buys a pair of shoes and decides if he really likes the shoes or not. If he likes the shoes enough, he will keep them, if not, then he will flip them for some extra money. Especially if he knows he purchased a shoe that was very sought after and he knows the resale value will be almost double the profit! Not a bad businessman mentality for a 19-year-old.

He brings up a pair of shoes that were a limited release and only had 1000 pairs. He was lucky enough to get one and sell it for $500 profit! All he had to do was buy them an wait in line for some hours for them. He reportedly makes between $500-$1000 a month, just from flipping sneakers! Not a bad side hustle at all. David claims that social media is a very important factor in sneaker flipping. Easy to use if you wanna get rid of something cheap and get some cash quick. Also, you use it to check the current trends of what is going on in the sneaker culture. See what people seem to be interested in, see what shoes are popular at the moment, etc. All he has to do is post on social media about a certain shoe he is selling and let the people circulate it around and maybe even bid on it if enough people are excited about it. It doesn’t always work out but that is why you have to take risks. He says it best, “You gotta spend money to make money.”

We think David has a great future in business and this is a great watch for all sneakerheads. Maybe it will inspire you to jump into the sneaker flipping game as well!

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