Father Bird Feeds Baby Parrot After Mother Dies

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Published: October 5, 2017

No child should ever have to live without a mother, but life can be unpredictable. So when this baby Sun Conure was left without its mother, its handler was more than happy to take over, but it was someone else entirely who took over the role of provider for the tiny bird.

All was going perfectly well for this particular family at Bird Recovery International in Dripping Springs, Texas, USA, until the mother bird died of a chest injury. Since the baby bird now had no one to feed him, the handler, Chris Biro, started to do so himself. Then the most incredible thing happened: the father of the baby bird stepped in and began feeding his son himself, which is something male birds usually don’t do.

Chris said: "I train parrots to fly outdoors and I breed Sun Conures. This baby Sun Conure's mother died of a chest injury so I took over hand feeding. The father started hanging out outside the window by the cage. So, I let him interact with the baby and he soon took over feeding the baby full time. The baby is now part of my freeflying crew of Sun Conures. We do educational parrot shows at state and county fairs and we work to put parrots back in places they are gone from."

According to Stuff4Petz.com, mothers of baby Sun Conures will usually feed them for as long as 8 weeks after they are born, which is why it was so crucial that the baby find someone to feed him.

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