Massive Spider Visits While Bass Fishing West Harbor of Lake Erie

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8 months ago

One of the largest spiders I've seen in northwest Ohio. Have you ever had a creepy crawler crawling all over you, and you didn't even know it? This fishing trip had an unexpected visitor who thought it was a good idea to crawl across my hat, ear, and eyebrow! Fishing West Harbor of Lake Erie can produce mixed results. There are days when you have to go through a wide variety of lures to get the bites. This was one of those particular days where the bite was tough. I rotated through enough lures and areas to put together a decent fishing day on the lake. Come along bass fishing with R & J Bass Fishing on Rumble. If you would like to help out R&J Bass Fishing, there is a link below. #Bass #fishing #lures, #spider, #scary #Lake #Erie #lake #erie #GreatLakes #west #harbor #video #videos #sports #news

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