Therapy Dogs Coming To The Rescue In Vegas

Published October 4, 2017 2,551 Views

Following the developments in Las Vegas, the grisly work of first responders continues as they come face to face with the unthinkable.

Hundreds of police officers and first responders ran into the scene as everyone else was running out. The aftermath of that isn't easy to cope with. Of course, with the help of humans and animals, they are not alone.

Stress management in the midst of tragedy is something Christine knows all too well. She is member of the Palm Beach Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

They aren't alone in taking on that weight. Man's best friend is once again coming to the rescue in Vegas, as therapy dogs flood into the city.

The human body is just not equipped to deal with the images and the stress they see. Jason says that therapy dogs can help lower the blood pressure and heart rate, and more importantly they have a calming effect.

His group Canines 4 Hope trains dogs to assist those with PTSD. Gazing into its eyes as you caress them, and then maybe even giving you kisses, helps the body trigger and release Oxytocin, which helps rebound or recover from anxiety and stress.

They are small and yet significant gestures, they go a long way to help first-responders cope as they need the love and the affection that dog can give, because they know how to give unconditional love.

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