Chill Dog Casually Enjoys Plane Ride In Colorado

Published October 4, 2017 5,356 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIsn’t this the coolest dog you have ever seen?

This is Telly the dog's first flight around Telluride, Colorado. If it were anyone else, they would perceive it as a rather stressful experience, but not this dog! Telly perceives it like "just another day".

We think that Telly just really love watching Colorado from the top, all covered in snow, with the peaks of the Rockies seen in the distance. The noise from the plane’s engine falls in the background, compared to the sight around the plane.

The footage is noisy all on its own, we can only imagine what the sound must be like inside the cabin. It might even drive us nuts! Telly, on the other hand, looks like a frequent flyer, as he sprawls on the back seat and enjoys the rays of the sun.

The only thing that makes Telly move from the spot is when the plane starts descending towards the ground. It even looked like he is sad that the ride is over. We would be too, if this was our only chance to see the Rocky Mountains and all their glory. They truly are a marvelous sight.

The Southern Rocky Mountains are also commonly known as the Southern Rockies, and since the highest peaks are located in the State of Colorado, they are sometimes known as the Colorado Rockies, although many important ranges and peaks rise in the other three states. The Southern Rockies include the highest mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains and include all 30 of the highest major peaks of the Rockies.