Rep King: Let's Use Planned Parenthood/Food Stamp Funds To Help Build Wall

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Published: October 4, 2017Updated: October 5, 2017

Co-host Alisyn Camerota asked whether or not Congressman King was comfortable with using $1.6 billion dollars of the taxpayers’ money to build a concrete wall that runs the 2,000 miles along the southern border.

“Absolutely. Yes, and more. I’d throw another $5 billion on the pile, and we’d find a half of a billion dollars right out of Planned Parenthood’s budget…”
Planned Parenthood has received criticism for the last decade for being a tax-payer funded abortion-promoting organization that masks itself as an organization that helps with family planning.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for providing an estimated one in three abortions in America each year. King continued by explaining where the rest of the funding for the wall could come from,

“The rest of it can come out of food stamps and the entitlements that are being spread out for people who haven’t worked in three generations…”

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