Amazon Parrot Gives The Greatest Rendition Of 'O Sole Mio' You Will Ever Hear

Published October 4, 2017 16,771 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsParrots are probably the only creatures on Earth that will never cease to amaze us. Their abilities to make your day are absolutely out of this world. They can be low key when they feel that we need them to be, and then turn into the best playmates we could ever find.

If there is one thing they are known for, it’s their ability to sing and imitate sounds. What most people don’t know is that not every bird can speak, but most of them can learn how to whistle, and they’ll probably do it better than a human. This makes us a bit envious but the following clip would definitely make up for it.

Meet Adrian, an astonishingly beautiful Amazon parrot who can give Luciano Pavarotti a run for his money. This talented birdie gives an on point rendition of ‘O Sole Mio’ performed by Pavarotti. He is perched on his owner’s shoulder and seems to be a bit shy to start singing but slowly but surely, and with a bit of coaxing from his owner, Adrian shows us he has some mighty pipes. The cute bird is so into the performance, he sometimes forgets himself and belts out the notes at the top of his voice, and his antiques have our hearts melting.


  • Fatmuscle, 1 year ago

    Actually, O sole mio was written by Giovanni Capurro in 1898. Still a cool bird.

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  • warriorbride, 1 year ago

    that guy is cute and so is his bird you can tell that he has such a great relationship with that bird i never could connect with a bird as much as I wanted to it takes patience and my grandma had a parakeet and he knew over a 100 words or so and the first day it was hard to understand him but the next day you got used to his voice and could make out what he was saying but with parrets they are very clear pretty much and I would love to have a bond with a bird like this where he kisses her its so cute that bird truly loves her owner and its the same back with its owner so sweet and I love OPERA music LOL

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    • Jackiebuckdaily, 1 year ago

      Aw thanks/merci, You can follow Adrian and I on Instagram at The_parrot_nest and youtube: I have another parrot named Rocky who is just as adorable and sweet! These parrots belonged to my late uncle. They became "mean" and only bonded to each other. When I adopted them a few years back, they bonded to me day 1. Cheers, Jack Hilton

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