Top 55 Things Parents Say!

itsgrantcasualPublished: October 4, 2017
Published: October 4, 2017

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Hey Guys! I thought i would make a video that states all the most common phrases that parents say. Whether you are a parent, were a parent, or are a child to a parent, these are very relatable.

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Here's the hard copy of my 'things parents say"

1.) Do we live in a barn?
2.) Clean up after yourself!
3.) I raised you to be better than this!
4.) When was the last time you ___?!
5.) I don't care what the other kids do!
6.) How was school?
7.) Don't use that word!
8.) What are you doing this weekend?
9.) Is your homework done?
10.) You sound like a herd of elephants!
11.) Follow Directions!
12.) I remember when...
13.) We're gonna need to cut down!
14.) We're gonna spend time as a family this weekend!
15.) We are more fortunate than a lot of people!
16.) (what's for dinner?) monkey brains!
17.) you stink! turn on the exaust fan!
18.) i know its your money, but you can't buy it!
19.) who are you texting?
20.) why can't you be like ______?!
21.) (hey, how come there's a parents day, grandparents day, mothers day, fathers day, but no kids day?)
"Every day is kids day"
22.) Don't post that on facebook!
23.) If you don't clean your room, then i will, and you don't want that!
24.) If you keep making that face, it'll stay that way!
25.) If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it also?
26.) I told you so!
27.) Don't make me turn this car around and go back home!
28.) If you live under my roof, then you go by my rules!
29.) I found your 5th Grade Math Workbook!
30.) what are you gonna wear? your birthday suit?
31.) You were so cute as a baby, what happened?!?
32.) You've gotten so big!
33.) I remember the day you were born...
34.) What do you think i am? made of money?
35.) When i was your age...
36.) Am i cool?
37.) Turn That Music Down!
38.) Fluffy went to live with the nice farm family upstate...
39.) Do something more productive!
40.) When i get old, can i come live with you?
41.) Been there, done that!
42.) I did that when i was younger, and i don't want you to do the same
43.) Grant, what's this?
44.) I wasn't born yesterday!
45.) Look both ways before crossing!
(Mom, i'm 24!... secretly)
46.) You'll always be my baby!
47.) You gotta live with your siblings longer than i will have to
48.) Your mouth runs faster than your feet!
49.) You have brought shame to our family!
50.) Make Yourself useful!
51.) Do as i say, not as i do!
52.) Remember, No Parties While we're gone!
53.) Don't make me tell you again!!!
54.) Don't throw your food in the trash!
55.) Watching TV will melt your brains!

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