Someone Managed To Zoom In On The Moon And It Is Mesmerizing

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Rumble / SpaceTo us, mere mortals, the moon is just a round of cheese that glows super bright in the night sky (and sometimes during dusk hours). But technology goes forward and right now, if you have the cash, you can purchase a super awesome digital camera that can pass over the 239,000 miles between the Moon and us, so that you can take a selfie with it! Telescopes are so overrated.

Nikon just released its COOLPIX P900 camera with a zoom so powerful, you can see craters on the moon's surface. Let us remind you that the moon is close to 239,000 miles from Earth.

You can see the actual holes on the moon's surface where it's been hit by asteroids and comets thanks to the cameras 83x zoom. It's so powerful you can even watch the moon move across the sky as Earth rotates. The second most remarkable feature about that camera is that image is surprisingly stable for such an extreme zoom.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable enough just yet, how about checking out this clip of the Moon zoomed in and passing in front of super tiny Saturn. The clip has been recorded just as the Moon passes right in front of the ringed planet, eventually covering the sight of it.

The Moon (or Luna) is the Earth's only natural satellite and was formed 4.6 billion years prior around some 30– 50 million years after the arrangement of the nearby planetary group. The Moon is in the synchronous pivot with Earth meaning a similar side is continually confronting the Earth.

As the full moon approaches, its growing brightness tends to capture our attention. This video is super mesmerizing and incredible to watch! We have never seen such a thrilling video of the Moon, and it makes us watch it all day! We are lost for words!

For all the selenophilefs out there we decided to share some cool facts about the Moon that will make you love it even more! Did you know that the Moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth? Consistently, the Moon moves generally 3.8 cm further far from Earth. Logical appraisals propose this will keep on occurring for 50 billion years. By then, the Moon will take 47 days to circle the Earth, contrasted with the present time of 27.3 days.

Do you know some crazy facts about the Moon? Tell us below in our comment section!

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