Emotional Moment When Great-Grandmother Unexpectedly Meets Great-Grandson

Kerry1014Published: October 4, 2017Updated: October 6, 201749,369 views
Published: October 4, 2017Updated: October 6, 2017

This sweet lady was up for a surprise when her family paid her an unexpected visit. She lives alone and has a woman who looks after her and helps her move around the house.

Tricia came back to visit her hometown from Florida and brought her daughter Olivia and newborn baby William with her. Her grandmother never thought she would get to meet baby Will, so this was definitely an emotional moment!

Elderly people are so adorable with their genuinely heartwarming reactions and have a special place in their hearts for their grandchildren. Every time they get a visit from them, their heart melts.

This wonderful woman is very happy to see that her family came to visit her, but what she doesn't know is that her granddaughter Olivia and her newborn son William are here to see her too.

The moment she sees Tricia she rushes into the steps, eager to give her a hug, but all of a sudden she hears the voice of her granddaughter and realizes that her dream to meet baby Will, is finally coming true.

She spots them from a distance and rushes in to give them love, after which granddaughter breaks out in tears. Both of them embrace and we can hear happy sobs in the background.

This is a very touching moment, as it is heartwarming to see her reaction. It is a very emotional reaction.

This sweet lady breaks down into tears as she sees the cute face of the newest addition to the family, her great grandson Will.

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