French Firefighter Discloses Princess Diana’s Last Words

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Rumble Princess Diana was one of the most cherished members of the British royal family, and she will be remembered as a great humanitarian too. Diana, also known as the ‘People’s Princess’ was adored for her charity work as well as for her style.

Unfortunately, she didn’t live long to continue her charitable mission. She and Prince Charles got estranged, engaging in affairs which led to their divorce in 1996. Not long after that, the world was shocked with the news of her death. When visiting Paris, Diana together with Dodi Fayed, the driver and her bodyguard suffered a car crash trying to escape the paparazzi. The accident ended fatally for all the people in the car except for her bodyguard.

French firefighter Xavier Gourmelon was on the scene and he remembers every piece of the dreadful accident. At first, he didn’t recognize the princess, but when she was being transferred into the ambulance car, he realized it was indeed her. She was well conscious but not aware of what was going on.

Recalling her final words, she said to him 'My God, what’s happened?'. He firmly believed that she would survive the crash but was truly devastated to hear that she succumbed to the injuries in the hospital and left this world forever. As he said, the terrible event of that horrific night will always stay etched in his memory. Since then, many controversies circle around her death. What are your thoughts on this?