8 Million Migrants In U.S. from Biden. The plan to make them vote - and it will work!

7 months ago

8 Million Migrants In the US Since Biden Took Office (4 Nebraskas worth) Trump thinks it is over 15 million so far. 1776@TheWakeninq Flashback Johnson genuinely asked why open border? Here it is on record, you all heard it. Turn migrants into voters 5/11/22 In the past month we've had over 22,000 migrants dropped off in San Diego County. We've seen a record amount of people cross the Southern Border in the last year, including a record amount of people on the terror watchlist. This is a matter of national security! We must secure our border.

Link with source clips - https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2023/10/25/8-million-migrants-in-the-us-since-biden-took-office-4-nebraskas-worth/

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