The Power of the Vote, and How Canadian Institutions Failed during C-19 Pandemic

4 months ago

We are thrilled to introduce our esteemed guest speaker for October 24, 2023. Mr. David Leis, Vice-President for Development and Engagement at the Frontier Centre For Public Policy, joined us to explore a topic of utmost importance: "The Power of the Vote, and How Canadian Institutions Failed us during the Covid-19 pandemic."

David Leis is a passionate advocate for public policy and a seasoned expert in his field. He is deeply committed to the mission of the Frontier Centre For Public Policy, which seeks to improve the lives of all Canadians through thoughtful and effective public policy.

With a rich background spanning industry, government, First Nations, and education, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His academic pursuits have taken him to renowned institutions, including Waterloo, Ryerson, Toronto, and Queen's University, where he earned his Masters in Public Policy.

What truly sets David apart is his profound love for Canada and his unwavering belief in the promise of the "True North Strong and Free." His 25 years of policy analysis experience, combined with a deep understanding of the history of totalitarianism and the frailties of democracies, make him the perfect voice to explore the power of the vote and its role in safeguarding democracy and freedom in Canada.

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