Sad Geese Cry For Each Other After Being Separated For The First Time

Published October 3, 2017 3,801 Views $11.53 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsRuth and George, two prize-winning geese are used to being with each other on the farm at all times. When their owner put them in a competition at the local county fair, they were separated in the barn for the first time, and their cries will break your heart!

Geese are family animals and are not used to being alone. They are extremely loyal too. They mate for life and are fiercely protective of their partners and offspring.

It is really sad to watch and hear these geese cry for each other's company. They cry and shout out loud to one another. Who would have thought that geese are so emotionally connected?

Maybe geese aren't good looking but they have a great personality and are super sweet. They are great friends and can show appreciation.

They may be separated and stay in different cage, but their hearts are bonded for life. It is so sad to hear them communicate to each other during the entire time.

They seem to be genuinely sad for being separated. No worries though, they were reunited shortly after!

We learned that geese are emotionally attached to their friends and mates, but we didn’t know they were narcissistic as well. Watch this goose attack its own reflection. It is obvious geese are needy and cry for attention, but they are also very friendly and enjoy hanging out in their flock for a gathering party.

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