Horrible Driver Hits Neighbor's Car, Casually Drives Off

liangeric00 Published October 3, 2017 12,387 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversHere's how NOT to improve friendly neighborly relations! Check it out as the car across the street backs up right into a pickup truck, pauses for a moment, and then casually drives off. Good thing this CCTV camera was rolling!

People commenting on the original video have had a blast! Naturally, some confirm that the neighbor’s actions are indeed a “hit-and-run" and the she (assuming it is a woman, the footage isn’t clear on the subject) should be held accountable. Others say that the owner of the pickup truck was basically asking to be backed into, parking directly across from another driveway.

Whether the driver of the dark purple Nissan Qashqai did a bigger number on his own SUV, than on the ancient and probably uninsured pickup truck is yet to be seen. Probably never. But we can take a wild guess and say that the paint from the Nissan gave the truck’s rear a gentle blush and is probably missing a few lines of color.

In a somewhat similar event, an older woman had to take drastic measures when she couldn’t back off her own driveway in Luton, UK, so she called the strongest man she knew - her nephew The Turkish Hulk.

Instead of causing a scene, the <a href="https://rumble.com/v3rid5-incredible-moment-strongman-lifts-and-moves-neighbours-car-in-petty-parking.html?mref=8102&mrefc=25" target="_blank">strongman lifts and moves the neighbor’s car</a> away. It would seem that these petty neighbors are all over the planet!