Stealthy Fox Had A Hankering For Pizza, So It Stole A Slice From A Car

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Published: October 2, 2017

See, this is why you should never leave your vehicle unlocked and unattended, much less with the doors wide open, even if you are in the calm town of Vemdalen in Sweden. You never know which hungry and insanely curious member of the local wildlife will come over and rid you of your hard earned lunch!

Whilst working on a property, a man in Vemdalen left his car for a few moments. Shortly after he realized that a fox invaded the vehicle with a clear goal in mind: to steal his pizza!

The worker said: "I worked and then I saw that the fox was heading into my car so I started filming and then it jumped into the car and took my lunch, so I had to go hungry for the rest of the day."

The greatest part of this video is the way the fox looks back after stealing the pizza. It's like the fox pulled off the greatest heist in animal history and it just had to look back so everyone could remember its face.

In the end, you really can’t blame a fox for seizing the moment and getting to grab a slice of pizza. We would have done the same, even if we were full. You can’t turn away from pizza!

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