Vicious Boxer Too Afraid Of A Tiny Feather

AFVPublished: October 2, 201722,967 views
Published: October 2, 2017

People are on the fence when it comes to dogs. It is generally accepted that dogs are man's best friend and that they are loyal to a fault. But some of us, don’t believe that this is the case with all of the dog breeds.

There have been numerous records of vicious dog attacks on small children and even grown people, and this is precisely what makes us nervous. We tend to think that if one is capable of doing it, then it’s in their genetic code, and suddenly we grow an irrational fear of dogs and it just gets worse from there on. But, don’t fret, we are here to set things straight once and for all. If you just check out this video, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

This video shows us one of those deadly dogs, a scary Boxer. Only, is he scary, really? Seems to us that he is in fact quite the opposite. This big beast is actually terrified of a tiny little feather hanging from the back porch door. The miniature feather is dancing to the rhythm of the wind, and it’s making the big goofball a bit antsy. He starts backing away, then trying to pounce but to no avail. When he finally manages to take the feather down, he is still scared that it’s gonna attack. How crazy is that? Do you still think that dogs are scary after having seen this?!

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