Dollar Store Tricks To Better Organize Your Refrigerator

Published October 2, 2017 43,856 Plays

Rumble Are you a very frugal person? Are you someone who is constantly looking for cheap ways of doing things? This is definitely the right video for you! Learn how to organize your fridge with just a single trip to the grocery store! Watch and learn!

This video discusses some useful life hacks you can get from the dollar store! The dollar store is amazing, you can get numerous items that are very useful, for only a dollar each. It is a perfect spot if you want something fast that you can use and it is super cheap too!

Life hacks are ways to improve your way of living by unordinary methods. Here are some funny life hacks for cooling your drink in a very quick amount of time, how to keep water from boiling over in a pot, keeping all your cords and wires wrapped up nice and neat, etc. This video introduces life hacks for your fridge that can be implemented with dollar store items! It is definitely a must, so everyone who struggles with fridge organization and loves seeing simple and cheap ways of doing things should watch this clip!

Life hacks help us in our everyday lives, they provide simple solutions to some nagging problems. A lot of people have problems organizing their fridge and keeping it clean. Lots of items clutter a fridge and you’d be surprised how much more room you will have if you were a little bit more organized. In this video, these hacks come into play! If you think about some of the items you can get at a dollar store, you won’t run out of ideas. You can find almost anything in the dollar store, and we’re sure most of the items you see in this video you have never thought of using in your fridge!

Do you often get annoyed when you need something from the fridge but it happens to be stored all the way back? The item is shielded by milk cartons, water bottles, jars of things, etc. Well this is where this first hack comes in handy. This is a makeshift rotating platter kind of like the one found in microwaves. You can put jars or bottles on it and spin it to rotate what item comes to the front. This is a very genius method and it is easy to make. The only thing you need is two pie pans and a bag of marbles. Empty the bag of marbles into the pan and then stack the second pan on the top, the marbles will then allow it to rotate! This creation is perfect and easy, and most importantly it only takes seconds to make!

Can you list all the sauces you have? The ketchup, the mustard, the barbecue, etc. They take up so much room in the shelves, especially because their bottles have wide bottoms. For this hack you need an empty egg carton. Put the tops in the eggs spots so that they are standing upside down. This improves the stability and keeps them well-organized. Watch the rest of this video and learn more hacks involving binder clips and magazine racks! This video will definitely help your fridge look much better! You are welcome!