Sweet French Bulldog Learns New Tricks

Published October 2, 2017 131,248 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBulldogs can be affectionate and loving companions, but are also notoriously stubborn and difficult to train. Some owners resort to punitive measures, but these training techniques are cruel and ineffective. You can teach your bulldog to do almost anything using reward-based methods.

Wilbur, a two-month-old French Bulldog puppy, learns how to "give paw" and receive treats for good manners. It is just the cutest thing ever. Watch as this little guy melts your heart!

Little Wilbur sits on his bottom and raises his paw to the owner, while keeping his eyes on the treat for the entire time. He doesn’t seem very eager to learn new tricks, but he loves food, that's for sure.

It is adorable to see this little guy slowly give his paw as he waits for the treat to land in his mouth, after which he eats it with delight.

Many dogs struggle with obeying commands when there are many distractions, so owners should always reward them for following the command, like this owner did.

Dogs who are rewarded every time they follow a command they know learn that they only have to follow the command when they want a reward. However, dogs who don't know if they'll be rewarded this time or next time have a much stronger incentive to obey the command.