Fluffy Kitten Excited About Strange New Cat Tree

JeremyandLuigi Published October 2, 2017 52,082 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIf you have ever moved into a new flat and not been able to contain your excitement at how good it is, perhaps you could sympathize with this cat. This cat's new toy tree looks like a giant flower and he flies around it like a little fur bee. It is so adorable!

Cats' playful, watchful, and sometimes private nature guarantees they'll seek posts and perches to survey their surroundings. It ensures they'll select hidden hideouts to nap within and find surfaces to scratch upon. It also explains the occasional breaking into hunting mode when any moving object becomes prey.

Cat trees provide a secure, durable pathway to the highest domain in your home. Most cats have no problem maneuvering quickly up and down the platforms and in and out of a cat tree. They provide an ideal solution to a cat's innate need for a lofty throne.

Jeremy, the kitten, was just gifted a new cat tree and his excitement is a gift to us all. Just look at the faces he makes as he explores his new hiding nest. His excitement will sure brighten your day!

We all love receiving presents and we can get very excited when given a new thing. This fluffy cat is overly excited about his new present, and curiously explores every detail. This is how kittens are by nature.

Jeremy blends in perfectly in the flower cat tree, chameleon style.


  • killerbean56, 1 year ago

    Jeremy is beautiful!

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    • JeremyandLuigi, 1 year ago

      Thank you so much! He grew a lot since this was filmed (a year and a half ago), you can see him on the right of my profile photo :) )

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