Kind Man Ruins His Best Clothes To Save A Fawn From Drowning

JonathonRuzichPublished: October 2, 2017144 views
Published: October 2, 2017

Imagine the following scenario: you are all dressed up for an important event and you are well on your way to get there. Your path takes you along a creek that you always pass, but this time you get to witness one of Mother Nature’s most prized creatures with her baby. But something potentially tragic happens to the little one and you have little time to react. What will you do?

We will tell you what this brave man did. He took off his Sunday shoes, rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and legs of his pants and stepped into the rushing waters of the creek to save baby deer from certain death!

The man explains: “Was on the way to my wife's little brother's 8th grade graduation when we saw a doe & her fawn standing in the creek. We backed up to get a better look and the fawn tripped and fell in the creek and had his back leg wedged in a rock. As a true outdoorsman should, I decided that I couldn't let the little thing drown so I took off my shoes and went out and got the little booger. I guess you might be a redneck if you wade into a creek to save a fawn in your Sunday's best.”

This dog also didn’t think twice before jumping into the Long Island sound to rescue a fawn that he noticed was drowning in the distance. He even made sure the poor baby was OK, before letting it go!

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