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HebaAliPublished: October 2, 2017Updated: October 3, 20171,427 views
Published: October 2, 2017Updated: October 3, 2017

It is always interesting to ask trainees why they lift weights, their answers usually range from simply wanting to stay in shape to becoming a champion weightlifter, bodybuilder, or a better athlete at another sport. These are all good and noble motives, and it becomes even more interesting when you uncover the intensity of the motivation behind the reason.

If you're out looking for some motivation to start working out, all you need is to watch this video featuring a young trainer's dedication. After multiple failed attempts her persistence pays off as she gets stronger and achieves her goal.

Watch how this personal trainer spends her days getting seriously sweaty, slowly achieving her goal day by day, as she gets stronger and shapes her body to perfection.

Take a look at the way to go encase you lack in motivation and ask yourself: How much do you want it? There seem to be four levels of motivation for weight lifters:

First, there are those who lift and work out, but do not train. There are no goals set, or any plans on how best to get there. There is compliance, but no enthusiasm.

Secondly, there are these people who have goals and plans. They head to the gym with little enthusiasm but with enough determination to become the best athlete they can be.

Thirdly, there are those individuals who think that lifting feels physically and mentally good. The lifter also knows that they are stronger today than yesterday, and will be even stronger tomorrow.

Finally, there are those who see lifting as their pathway in life. Some may turn to coaching, but most importantly, they lift in order to know themselves better. These trainees never seem to retire.

Credit to 'Heba Ali/Evolve Nation'

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