Pro-Hamas Rioters Terrorize Man in Car | TONIGHT on TIPPING POINT 🟧

8 months ago

Monday, 10/23/2023 | Is the federal reserve paying hundreds of millions of dollars a day to commercial banks to keep our house of cards from collapsing? Plus, a poor elderly driver is mobbed by pro-Hamas protesters blocking off streets in Minneapolis as he cries inside his car looking for a way to escape the violence. And finally, remember those Chicago teens who kidnapped their mentally disabled white classmate in a stolen van and tortured him into turning on President Trump after the 2016 election? Well, the ringleader is already out of prison... early!
Dave Brat | Vice-Provost for Engagement & Public Relations, Liberty University
Adam Guillette | President, Accuracy in Media
Mike Puglise | Former Law Enforcement Officer & Founder, Puglise Law Firm
Jessica Millan Patterson | Chairwoman, California Republican Party
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