Cheeky Monkey Doesn't Want To Share His Sandwich

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Published: September 29, 2017Updated: October 13, 2017

You'll never be as relaxed as this cute little monkey is while he eats a massive sandwich sitting on a tree branch. It is very amusing to watch this monkey enjoy his food so much.

This footage shows a monkey sitting on a tree branch and enjoying his alone time with a gigantic sandwich. While he digs deep into his delicious treat, suddenly another monkey rushes in and wants to have a piece of the delight.

However, he didn’t know that monkeys don't share food, and he is ignored as the first monkey swings away with the sandwich, where he finds a new quiet place to fill his tummy with joy.

It is so adorable to see that he is constantly on alert, clutching the sandwich so tightly with his little hands, as he munches and chews on it. The poor thing is so afraid that another monkey will find his treasure and steal from him.

This fellow must have stolen somebody's lunch and is now lurking from the inside of the tree, hiding in the crown while enjoying every piece of his precious prey. This cheeky little monkey is having a tasteful lunch break and doesn't want to be disturbed.

Now this is one hungry monkey, watch as this Capuchin eats every bite of a giant sandwich. He even knows that the inside is softer and better, and so he eats it first!

After a while, he feels like he is being watched, so he decides to make another branch-switch, and goes even deeper into the tree. He wants to be left alone and peacefully finish his food.

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