Bunch Of Blokes Meet One Very Awesome Kid On The Road

ViralHogPublished: September 29, 201716 plays$0.02 earned
Published: September 29, 2017

Here’s a question for you- what what does a kid do when stuck in traffic? Mess with everyone around him, of course.

A few weeks ago, these very excitable motorists noticed a little kid in a mask popping up in his seat in an attempt at scaring others stuck in traffic on the M5 near Bristol, England.

They may not have been too startled, but they were certainly amused with the kid's antics.

The guys drive up to the kid’s dad’s car on the passenger side and call out for him “Geez, geez, geez! Where is he?” The only person we can see is an older man at the steering wheel, minding his business.

When the dad hears his son’s excited fans asking for him, he nudges the boy hidden under the window next to him: “They want to get your photo”. The suspense is excruciating…

The boy’s head pops up, with a skeleton mask on his face, the hood of his jacket on and a pair of polarized glasses on top. As soon as the guys see him, the begin cheering, like Beckham just gave the winning goal!

The kid seems to be enjoying the attention, so he sends his fans off with the shaka sign, sometimes known as "hang loose" by outsiders.

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