It Is Easy To Understand Why Netizens Have Been Obsessing Over This Woman's Toes

TipHeroPublished: September 29, 2017109,426 views
Published: September 29, 2017

People who feel uncomfortable around bare feet and toes will likely regurgitate a little when they see this clip, but that does not make it anything short than amazing! If, however, you are fascinated with strange human body parts, then pour yourself a glass and have a eat, because this one is a treat!

A college student from Taiwan took to social media to post picture of her abnormally long <a href="" target="_blank">toes</a>, sparking a hilarious debate about their length. She chose not to disclose her name, but adds that even as a child she believed her toes were normal, because both her parents have exceptionally long toes.

Still, netizens are unconvinced that what they see on the photos are feet at all, saying “The whole foot is never shown! Could even be hands with a really big thumb. Don't believe it just because it's on Facebook! Could be real, maybe staged." To shut them up, she posted another photo of her right foot and her left hand, side by side. Take that, naysayers!

In her studies, she also dug into the meanings of foot shapes and personality traits. She shared that she belongs in the category of “Greek feet", which denotes beauty, leadership, and creativity. That surely is one way of looking at it!

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