Scientist Heats Space Shuttle Tiles At 2000 Degrees, Then Touches Them With His Bare Hands To Prove A Point

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Published: September 29, 2017

Heat is one of those things that don’t quite make sense. We need a balanced heat in order to survive. The temperature has to be not too hot and not too cold so that we can live on this planet. Our body temperature also regulates whether we stay alive or we die from hypothermia. Even one degree more or less makes a huge difference.

This video which occurred in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA on July 7, 2011 shows us just how much heat is relative. This tourist went to visit the Kennedy Space Center and had fun times observing thermal tiles and how they behave. Here is what he had to say about them: "I recorded this video during my Kennedy Space Center tour, one day before the launch of the Atlantis Space Shuttle for STS-135, the last Space Shuttle mission. The demonstration was being provided of the Space Shuttle thermal tile material and how quickly the outer layer sheds heat, whereas the interior layer retains heat so that you can pick it up with your bare hands almost immediately after being taken out of a 2000 degree oven."

Imagine that! From 2000 degrees to body temperature in less than a few minutes. How cool is that?!

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